Moft Snap Tablet Stand

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ဈေးနှုန်းအတက်အကျများ မကြာခဏဖြစ်နေသောကြောင့် 3 နာရီအတွင်း ငွေပေးချေမှု ပြုလုပ်ပေးပါခင်ဗျာ။ 3 နာရီ အတွင်း ငွေပေးချေမှုမလုပ်ထားသော Order များအတွက် ဈေးနှုန်းအတက်အကျအတိုင်း ပေးချေရပါမည်။

Color: Wanderlust Blue
Model: 9.7" and Above Model

Pickup currently unavailable at XtraSure Mingalar Mandalay Branch

Moft Snap Tablet Stand

Moft Snap Tablet Stand

Wanderlust Blue / 9.7" and Above Model

XtraSure Mingalar Mandalay Branch

Pickup currently unavailable

XtraSure Mingalar Mandalay
Block 3, Unit 8
Mandalay 05012
Myanmar (Burma)


iSure Times City

Pickup currently unavailable

Kyun Taw Road
Room No. A209 (level 2), Times Mall, Times City Complex
Myanmar (Burma)


XtraSure Times City Branch

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XtraSure Times City
Room No. A103-A104, Building 2A, Times Mall
ရန်ကုန် 11211
Myanmar (Burma)


XtraSure Waizayantar Branch

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Waizayantar Road, 16/2 Qtr, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon.
ရန်ကုန် 11071
Myanmar (Burma)

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Unfelt, Unseen, Unnoticed

The Snap Tablet Stand has unparalleled slim design when folded flat. Rooted in MOFT’s invisible design philosophy, its versatile viewing is unveiled with simple folds, enabling you to start creating or consuming content anywhere.

Switch Anytime, Efficient Workflow

As the very first member in MOFT’s Snap System for tablets, it snaps on & off the tablet via the Snap Tablet Sticker. After a frenzy of typing, take some time to e-read in a switch. You deserve it!

Create & Entertain As You Wish

Through engineered folding design, versatile viewing modes are easily accessed, making for a nimble companion on a daily basis.

Takes Up No Space

The stand folds flat like a paper when not in use, turning into an invisible daily companion. Easily slip in a bookshelf or your everyday carry bag.

Magic Snap Sticker for Universal Compatibility

It acts as an attachment point for the Snap Tablet Stand, allowing you to swiftly snap on and off whatever tablet you have.

Compatibility : 9.7" and Above Model

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  • Color Wanderlust Blue, Cool Grey
  • Model 9.7" and Above Model
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